Artist Statement - Brandy Kraft - Contemporary Realist Art
Contemporary Realist Art

Brandy Kraft

Artist Statement

Mankind destroys nature, we can see it everywhere we look. This destruction has fascinated me. I became obsessed with preserving nature. I started painting flowers- thousands of flowers, in all states of life and decay. I wanted to preserve their beauty and prevent their extinction.

Suddenly in my dreams I began to have visions of new flowers- non-existent flowers. I paint them compulsively until my arms hurt. I am not just painting flowers, I am creating a new world altogether. Petal by petal...

Each photo realistic oil painting is carefully, physically constructed to form a unique hybrid flower. New and dying extensions from a variety of flora are brought together to represent a range of idiosyncrasies. All floral hybrids are given new Latin nomenclature and documented in an ever-expanding watercolor catalog.

The completely new species of flowers, natural yet foreign at the same time, reveal a strange and magical beauty. The resulting visual imagery is compelling in its symbolism and imagination as well as its prodigious technicality.