"Reflected Existence" Elephant Room Gallery - Brandy Kraft - Contemporary Realist Art
Contemporary Realist Art

Brandy Kraft

"Reflected Existence" Elephant Room Gallery

Friday, May 9th 5-8pm Elephant Room Gallery showcases artwork by Brandy Kraft in a solo exhibition.

“Reflected Existence” studies the mystery that is presented when one image is positioned directly on top of another.  Kraft uses self portraiture and the portraits of others as subjects within the works in order to demonstrate that the overlapping reality of these reflections run parallel to our own separation from the present as technology distracts the subject. 

The result is a dynamic photorealistic study of the dual realities of the physical world versus the reflection of it and the subject’s physical presence versus their virtual absence. “Today’s technology allows us to dive into another dimension any time we like, so much so, that we often miss what’s going on right in front of us. This real life illusion continually stirs my imagination.” - Kraft. 

Elephant Room Gallery May 9th- June 21st